Siesta Key, FL

Any info about kayaking at Siesta Key, FL would be

appreciated. I will be flying down mid-Feb and need a

rental and info on places to paddle.


Kayak rental

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You might try this:

The only place I am familiar with is Sweetwaterr Kayaks, but they are in Tampa
They are top notch, quality gear.


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Myakka River State Park is a good paddling venue -good river, good country, should be good wildlife, especially birds, and there's on-site canoe & kayak rentals with reasonable rates.

Actually, go to the parent site,

and check out all of them -there'll be several you could drive to easily enough. While there, also visit

to see about official State of Florida-designated greenways and blueways.

Among those is the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail -Florida’s longest and most ambitious sea kayaking trail. Check it out at

This one is divided into multiple sections, and you can look up any you're going to be in/near to see about in that portion in more detail.

If you do make it up to St. Pete, indeed do stop by Russels's Sweetwater Kayaks paddlesports store. He's great, and like him, it's a fine shop, staffed with wonderfully friendly and greatly experienced staff & ownership, and they have a mess, and I mean a MESS, of new and used boats of just about every stripe some in the showroom, most in their barn of a holding pen, and even a room full (well, there were many there, when we were there) of used boats on the second floor...!

They rent, and can give you good info on good paddling in the area.

At any rate, as another approach, Google "kayak shops" + "Florida" and see what might show up in the Siesta Key area apart from the Siesta Key store noted above.

Oh, I don't recall when you said you'd be down, but if it's any time within the next couple months or so, check the forecasts for you visit period -you may actually need to bring some cool weather gear -we've had some pretty danm chilly-to-cold (freezing or below! in Florida!) weather lately -but I hope not! Here's to sunny days, clear skies, light breezes, and warm waters as you


-Frank in Miami

Scotty and Renee of Siesta Key B&K
We rent from these guys every year. They are nice people and, if it’s your thing, they do a bunch of guided tours.

The best tour was a sunset sound tour off the back of Turtle Beach.

We did the mangrove tour last year; it was more road time than I like relative to the time on the water.

We rented kayaks from them one year and took them into the Siesta Key canal network - an urban tour but kind of cool to see all the back yards of those big houses. A little silly; my wife really enjoyed it. Take a map!

I suggest you check in with them your first day on the Key. Make sure you get your boat reserved and sign up early for any attractive tours. If they are comfortable that you are safe and really know what you are doing, they may tell you about some of the lesser frequented paddling places.

Economy Tackle shop
Right off the south bridge of Siesta Key is Economy Tackle/Dolphin Dive. They are a full service shop: rentals, tours, sales, lessons. Great guys who know the area better than anyone.

Their site:

Thanks for all the info, you guys are great.