Siezed Rudder Controls on my Sealution

I pulled my Wilderness System Sealution out of the garage to clean up and the rudder controls (footpegs) are siezed in place and won’t move. I tried pushing really hard and I’m scared I’ll break the pegs. I assume there is some sand stuck in there somehow or something. It’s plastic and aluminum. I sprayed some cooking oil on it them, but they still won’t budge. Any good ideas? I figured if I got them moving a little I could work with them a little bit, but they are both really tight.

Dish soap
Try soaking them with dish soap and blasting them with the high pressure spray from a water hose to dislodge any crud. Then soak them with a lubricant and try them.

Try some WD-40
that is what used to get my sliding foot pegs lose in my plastic Eclipse and my wife’s Shadow.

tilt each one separately, so the WD-40 will seep down where it is needed.