Signs of Southern Spring

Not to make you jealous, but we are enjoying bright sun and 80° . Lots of Processing: 1000002744.jpg…
Uploading: 1000002738.jpg…
Uploading: 1000002733.jpg…
blooms , the kids and dogs are having fun, and our son’s family washed my truck, trimmed a tree and turned the garden. I supervised and thought about paddling.
Bella loves green stuff. Not sure I’ll have many day lillies.

Inspīrō Equi Vernal

Wind, wind, wind,
come in great blustering roars.
Bellows, momma moo bellows.
Over green fields vultures soar.

Chirp, marmot squirp chirps.
Red bolts of furry fury flash.
Spring, springs its spring.
Road to Thanksgiving begins its turkey dash.

Took the granddaughters to go splash in a little lake, and on the drive we saw dozens of turkeys, and the toms were strutting.

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Wild wer puppy.

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The loons are back, but not much sing of northern spring otherwise.


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