Signs of Spring

DST with bright sunshine. 70° at 6pm, green lawns everywhere mostly weeds, white oaks shedding their last dead leaves, the first bee looking for the scant flowers.
This mornings forecast was for potential high winds , tornadoes, and hail. About 10am we got one good puff with some rain followed by blue sky. We appreciate not getting whacked.
And the next several days with low rain chances.
Our white dog can finally be white again and I can hopefully get my paddling partner out of hibernation.
I missed a couple. The daffodils and camellias are blooming and the Lilly pads are surfacing in String Lake.

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Lovely description and hope springs eternal.

Here, my front yard is still all ice but Lake Michigan is open, so maybe time to bring the sea kayaks home from their winter spa…when the winds die down.

Yesterday in SE Michigan Hiland/Bruin chain of lakes there was both skim ice (froze overnight) and a few confused turtles sunning themselves. Buffleheads are heading north and osprey are starting to hang out at nesting spots. Nothing green yet in the woods, but crocuses and witch hazel are blooming, daffs are poking up, and motorcycles are starting to herd.


Not quite as advanced into spring as you, but very little snow, I don’t believe there is ice over any of the lakes around anymore (at least not completely covering), some sunny days and some of the lows are above freezing. Defiantly time to put the canoe in and go fishing this weekend.

About to get smacked with a strong front here, but it will bring in a few days of low humidity and pleasant temps. Looking at the long range forecast maybe another one late next week but this time of year in FL you have to start thinking that each front might be the last before the sauna sets in.

The robins have left the neighborhood…they are going north. The buzzards have thinned out…they are going north. The oaks, grass and junipers pollen generators are making Floridians miserable. The fewer than normal snow birds are beginning to move northward…slowly. The dogwoods from here to South Carolina are blooming.

Spring is coming.

HOWEVER up there in String’s way last week there was frost on the deck in the morning…

Forsythia blooming in the back yard. A damn tornado hit about a mile away yesterday evening. Luckily it was a small one. We kept power and internet!