SIK Modification For Fishing

I have a SIK that I am considering modifying for fishing by adding a couple of rod holders.

Aside from deciding whether or not to make this modification, I am debating between rod holders.

The decision at this point is whether to install two of the recessed flush mount tubes, vs two of the flush mount “Scotty” style bases and then use the rod “Scotty” holder when I am using the kayak for fishing.

I have used the “Scotty” type rod holders on a boat but never on a kayak.

Any benefits and problems with either of these two decisions is greatly appreciated.

My thoughts
It depends on the type of fishing your going to do. If your just using them to hold poles while you paddle I prefer flush mount. If you need something to hold the pole while you fish the Scotty is nice. I usually had two flush behind me and a Scotty up front out of the way from my padding stroke.

I have the Scotty on my boat …prob with recessed holders is enuf clearance under deck for the tubes to stick down properly. I also just noticed YakClips company has come out with a removable/ clamp on style of rod holder/ another option.

I have one of each
A recessed tube behind and a Scotty up front. The tube is better for transporting and you can use PVC to make a camera mount, flag pole and a number of other things. The Scotty up front is nice as you canangle it in so many ways and keep an eye on it when fishing freshwater for smaller stuff. The tube is better for trolling in the ocean when the strikes come hard and fast.

Good Info
And ideas to condsider on the configuration.