Silhouette vrs Bahiya

Can anyone review the difference /similarities between these boats? How do they compare?


similar but
I have only paddled a Bahiya a couple of times at demos. It is one of the kayaks I was considering replacing my Sirius with. (I liked the old Sirius, and it looked really cool, but mine didn’t have a day hatch and that eventually became an issue). The bahiya seems to be a fast boat, I don’t know that it is fast as a Silhouette. The Bahiya has a V bottom, the Silhouette has a rounded bottom. The rounded bottom should give you less surface, whether that added bit of friction is enough to be noticed or not I wouldn’t know. I didn’t particularly like the v bottom on the Sirius, although I did notice a few times that with a strong crosswind and paddling alongside a buddy in a boat with an oval cross section, he would be a good bit downwind of me after a while, both of us aiming for the same spot on the opposite shore.

I don’t remember turning the Bahia being particulary hard. The trouble with the Bahiya is finding a used one. Of the four boats I was considering, I was glad I found a Silhouette first.