Silica Gel bought in bulk for Kayaking

Instead of paying big bucks for minuscule amounts of Silica Gel to keep your electronics in tip top shape,

buy it in bulk. It is easily regenerated by putting the gel in the oven and reusing many times .

instead of fiddling with silica gel
… get serious with a Golden Rod dehumidifier.

These are commonly used in gun safes. I’ve got a small closet dehumidified for storage of camera gear (as lenses can grow fungus in humid environments). Golden Rods are available in various lengths, for different sized spaces. They draw about 1 watt per inch, continuously.

Not sure about current prices, but, here’s a quick reference.

Who needs either of these?

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Rinse your gear, wipe it dry, blow water off of speakers, mic openings, etc. (by mouth, not with compressed air) and let your gear air dry. Done.

Charcoal briquets (the stuff you grill with) wrapped in a fabric bag works great and is cheap. Sucks up an amazing amount of water, a bag of charcoal used just for this will last a lifetime.

Bill H.