Silicone Grease & Spray

Can anybody tell me a brand name and a type of store for silicone grease and spray? The silicone grease is for O rings on flashlites and other gear. The spray will be used for rudder cables. All I can find in auto stores or hardware stores contains petrolium products that I think will harm plastic. Thanks.


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Dow-corning Molycoat 55. If your work is remotely close (or you can fake it), go to the Dow-Corning web site and you can request a sample. Otherwise the smallest tube I have ever seen would probably last you about 835 years. Or, go to a local dive shop, they will have something for o-rings and seals used in regulators, probably in a more reasonable size.

Go to a bike shop and see what they have for shift cable lubricants.

Nikon always had small little packs for the Nikonos…

I have been using…
Prestone and Krylon Silicon spray on our yaks rudder cables and slides for the past seven years, and they do the job just fine.

Neither one contains petroleum products.



Boeing makes a cable lubricant.

Silicone grease
plumbers supply shop or a great hardware store, (maybe even a lesser one like home depot). They use it on ball type valves I think. (Scott B. would know)Rated for human consumption in case you need to lube a water filter. Not real cheap but a one ounce tub will last us for a long time.

B nystrom told me to watch out fot the sovents in boeshield T9 and to consider using a wax based bicycle chain lubricant for cables. I’m with that. Still using T9 on my knife and carabiners though.

BTW maglites and salt water immersion are not that cool a combination. I’ve had two corrode shut, but I was not great about rinsing them, Princeton tec attitude has been very good for me for a small light, have not found a good big one yet, Maybe underwater kinetics. My equipment must be really waterproof.

Not even in carrier solvents
that would work then.

Howz about
Dry graphite lock lubricant for cables? You could probably pffft some the whole way through the housing.


Someone gave me a small tube of a Dow Corning product #111, that has worked well for me.

Try a boat shop
They sell a silicone-based grease for boat trailers.

Silicone dielectric grease…
…is the same thing as O-ring grease. I just did some searching around and reading MSDS’s to confirm this for a friend. You can get silicone dielectric grease at electrical suppliers and auto parts stores.

no to graphite

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When I was in the alarm industry we would always wait till early summer to use it, so that the humidity would not turn it to sludge. Lots of those old key switches about. Want to know how to turn a system off? Naah! better not. ;-)

What I use
At work and on my boat stuff:

Remember though, grease attracts dust. Use only where absolutely necessary.

Thanks for your input everyone. I took one your advice and called a dive shop. They have spray and grease with no petro solvents. Safe for food proccessing and ect. Thanks again!

Good stuff, but it’s not silicone
While it looks like silicone grease, Super Lube isn’t. I looked up the MSDS.

No, it’s synthetic
Contains PTFE, considered to be superior to silicone. I’m not sure the poster realizes that there is a better product.