silver or juniper for beginners

we are going to orlando,fl i want to take the kids----25yrs olds —on one of these rivers—we are all fairly new at paddling and i wondered if these rivers would be suitable for our expierence level—it sounds like the silver might be a little tough for us----mainly i want to be safe and enjoyable----thanks-------could use a name of an outfitter also—phil

Silver or Juniper
I have done both and both are fairly easy. There are lots of great paddles in the Ocala Forest as well as to the north. I live in South Florida and am not familiar with the outfitters in the area.


They are both good
The Silver would be neat for the kids since they can see the wild monkeys in the trees on the banks.

Juniper and Alexander are two of my favorites.

They won’t be able to swim or get out at Silver Springs, but at Juniper they will be able to swim in the spring.

Look up LoonieTic on the forum and send him off an e-mail. He would probably be glad to guide you, and he is more knowledgeable than the guides.

Both he and his father have worked as extras in some of the movies that have been filmed at Silver.



Silver or Juniper
I agree with a previous response. Go for the Silver River first. The paddle from the put-in (I forget the name of the put-in place)to the Silver River Park is against the current, but it’s not bad. I’d figure 2 hours to the park. Coming back is a join because of the current. Watch for birds, alligators, turtles, fish and the monkeys. Look for monkeys on both sides of the river as you go beyond the state park.

The Juniper Creek paddle is a little tougher since you have to go under over-hanging limbs and paddle around bends in the creek with the current pushing you. Nonetheless the Juniper paddle is beautiful.

Have fun and take along a camera.


25 year old kids?
Then you are taking adults. :wink: Or, did you mean two five year olds?

He, he !
Sometimes we take our kids who are their mid forties with us, although we usually have to take it easy on them!



kids r 25
thanks for all the info—i dont have enough paddles and life jackets—do u know if they can be rented in the area----thanks

There are outfitters at both places.



Brasingtons in Ocala

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Is a good source for kayak rentals in the Ocala area (352-861-8022) If you want pristine and beautiful the Silver River is my choice. Juniper will be high with all the rain we've been having and makes for some interesting limbo moves. If you want a short and easy run then I suggest the Rainbow put in at KP hole and go to the headsprings. Paddlings great around here.