Silver River

A while back I read a good write-up about the Silver River and a campground not too far from there. Seems like the campground was on a lake also. I can’t seem to find the article now. Can anyone recommend a good campground in the general vicinity of the Silver River?

Try Silver River SP
It’s one of my favorites. KK

Agreed, Silver River State Park
It’s a first class campground. If you are like me and are too lazy to pitch a tent, you can rent a cabin.

what they said! NM

Agreed here also
The Silver River SP is one of the newer parks in the system, and has nice camp sites.

We have stayed there several times

But if you get info on that other RV park, I would like to know about it.

The only draw back to the SP is the fact like other SP,s they don’t have full hook ups and the camp ground is not right on the river.



Lake Waldena Campground
Is about 15 minutes to the East. They have full hookups. Google them they have a website.

Google Mill Dam Lake Resort
I haven’t stayed there, but it is on a lake, off SR 40 not far from Ocala.

Also, Powell Campground in Astor on the St. Johns, about half an hour from Silver River, closer to Alexander and Juniper. Not for tent camping, but if you are RVing it is very clean and well kept, nice folks. I’ve launched there before to go up the St. Johns and Alexander Creek.

Lake Griffith State Park has camping, too.

in the neighborhood
Wife & I stayed this past Winter @ Gore’s Landing , right on the Ocklawaha R. $5 /night camping fee was the same price as parking @ Ray Wayside park so it was the obvious choice for us. You’ve gotta be into “roughing it”, however as no hookups & cold, outdoor, sulfur-smelling showers.

Met a German paddler on river who I later shuttled back to his very upscale looking campground. It’s located on N side of Rte40, immediately to East of long bridge over Ocklawaha. Seem to recall it has word “Wilderness” in it’s name? He said it was $40/night, way outta our price range.

If you’ve time Ock below Rte40 is also a very worthwhile trip. Enjoy.

Wilderness RV resort
if you have a RV. Its right on the Ocklawaha River on the east side of big bridge on hwy 40 they also have a canoe /kayak launch. Only about a 1/2 mile paddle from there will get you on the Silver River. (note: these campsites are all stuck right together with out any trees.)

Silver River canoe launch
The last 2 times we were at Silver River the canoe launch was not opened up yet. Now it is and we haven’t been back yet.

We did launch both times from Ray’s Wayside east of that campground.

Now that the launch is open I understand you have to carry or dolly your canoe/kayak about 1/4 mile to the dock. We don’t have a dolly, but we’ll build one before we go back there again probably.

We like to spend a full day on the river and always take lunch and drinks and it is a hike to the dock!

Happy Camping AND canoeing/kayaking!


I have walked that long trail from the…
SP to the river, and in my estimation it is a lot better to drive to Ray Wayside Park and enjoy the entire length of the Silver River.

Most of the time the bands of wild monkeys are down stream of the SP launch, and you will miss sitting and watching their antics.



Near Silver River
Silver River SP is very nice. I like campsite #25.

It is easier to put in at Ray’s Wayside Park than hauling a boat down the SP’s boat launch.

You can also stay cheaply at the Canoe Outpost downstream from Gores Landing on the Ocklawaha, with or without hookups. They rent canoes or will shuttle your boat down the Ocklawaha for a reasonable fee.