Silverbirch Broadland 15

Any feedback from the clan? I would like to get an all-around canoe which for me means I can paddle it solo on class 2 or take a Grandkid out on the lake. There is precious little for sale used so I am thinking of springing for a Broadland 15. My buds who paddle SB WW boats like them. The YouTube vids look good. But I really don’t know much about these.

Please weigh in.

Or sell me your Dagger Legend.

I’m looking at the Firefly, Broadland HL 15 and the Equif canyon, supernova 14’. I’m looking for that same everything boat that I can load up for a camping trip and make it through some class II/III stuff on the way down. Maybe even fill it with bags and bob through some bigger stuff.

The price tag on Silverbirch canoes seems very inviting. I could almost get two Firefly’s for the price on 1 Supernova. The specs are close. Not sure how the materials compare.