Silvertip epoxies?

Has anyone here used the System Three Silvertip epoxies? I was thinking that their system of task-specific formulas might be more consistant and reliable than blending your own, but also might make it harder to get exactly what you want.

I’m about to attempt an Osprey II S&G solo canoe(plans on the way!), and can get MAS and System Three locally. I read the epoxy test info at the One Ocean Kayaks site, which had me leaning toward MAS, but that was done with the old System Three formula. I also noticed that MAS has a thicker "gluing and filleting " resin in addition to their low-viscostiy laminating resin.

I’ve played with epoxies and fillers a bit, but this will be my first major project. I’m about to order one of the System Three trial kits.

Comments, suggestions, emotional outbursts? :wink:

Silver tip…

…Looks to be the “Bed in a bag” or Martha Stewart approach to boat building. I have used West, System 3 and MAS of the three I liked the System three the best. I have the least experience with MAS but found it thinner with less working time. If doing another boat I might go with the Silver tip laminating resin only and still mix my own fillers…

For building a larger boat, the premixed stuff is pretty nice. I’ve used it.

But for a project such as a kayak, you’d spend a lot more $ buying the small amounts of pre-blended materials.

MAS vs. Silvertip
I’ve used MAS on two boats and Silvertip on one. Both work well. The Silvertip seems to be a little bit thicker and it seems to set up faster. I got good wet-out on the fiberglass with both brands, and both were easy to mix with additives for fillets and bonding.

I haven’t used any of the pre-mixed task-specific stuff, so I can’t comment on it.

Please keep us updated!
I’ve been seriously considering the same boat project. I would love to know how it goes along every step of the way!