Similar to Current Design Kestrel 120 R


I am looking for boats that are similar to the Current Design Kestrel 120 Roto.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have on this.

Thank you for your help!


Pungo 120
The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is similar. It’s a little wider and not quite as as good quality as a Kestrel but it’s still a very good rec boat.

And the 140 is a fast , comfortable ride

I have a Kestrel 120R
And it’s defiantly a class Rec boat. Wondering why you are looking for a substitute.

I won mine about 12 years ago and was going to sell it until I paddled it then decided it was a keeper.


Second that
I second grayhawk’s comment. Best rec boat I’ve paddled.

Eddyline Rio

Weighs 35 pounds and has sealed bulkheads fore and aft.

Or the Eddyline Skylark, 41 pounds and a bit more beam.

The Rio looks like fun to try.
Not too wide appears to have a bit of rocker and enough foot room for my size 9 Muklucks.