simon river sport Lazer4all kayak info

does anyone know where I can find info on simon river sport, Dart or Lazer4all kayak, I have been searching for two weeks now and have vert little info as for speed of this boat

It’s rare to see specific quantitative
speed figures from any kayak manufacturer. You can look at race results and get an idea of relative speed.

I owned one of these for about a year. It’s a decent small boat-very stable, and an adequate turn of speed. I initially purchased it used primarily for river races with portages, thinking the K-1 style cockpit and light weight would afford easy carries. I personally was disappointed by its speed, but I also was at the upper limits of its weight range, at 215 lbs. Sat it too low in the water, and found it picked up every floating leaf and bit of detritus on the bow.

The real reason for my selling it, was that at 6’1" and a 34" inseam, I couldn’t get comfortable with the leg length/seat position. Despite adjusting the footboard and seat on their tracks, my back still was jammed against the rear coaming.