Simple fish recipes for camp?

Planning a trip to the gulf and wanted to know of some good simple recipes for flounder and speckled trout.

Frying is simple to do but messy for camping. Anyone have any tried and true tinfoil recipes they want to share?

How is frying messy?

Cooking fish
Not sure if this would help, but I was thinking you could take a small grill top with you and split the fish. Leave the scales on. Cook with the scale side down until you see the meat start to cook through. Then turn them over and finish up. I have only tried this with hardhead mullet, but it should work with other fish too.

When not frying, I put my filets or whole headless fish in tin foil with a large dollop of butter or margarine, sprinkled liberally with salt and other herbs and spices. My current favorite is lemon or lime pepper. Cook over coals (the best) or a stove until fish flakes. Add a squirt of lemon juice and a dash of hot sauce before eating.

Foil for all fish
I have done many species of fish by spreading a layer of onion or green pepper on foil, place dressed fish on top, spread mayo inside cavity and on top of skin, wrap up the foil tightly, place on coals, bbq, or camp stove for about 20 minutes turning over for the last 5 minutes. Done. Unwrap and enjoy - meat peels off bones, skin, etc. You can also use lemon slices as the bed if you wish. The bed stops the fish from burning to the foil. Best of all, no oil or fats added - healthy.

Easiest and works with all fish…
Filet or steak fish, removing skin.

Place filets in a ziploc baggy with a couple tablespoons of Lemon Juice, a Couple Tablespoons of Olive Oil, and the following spices to taste… Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper and Salt. (Often take Basil too) squeeze out the air.

Let marinade for a half hour to an hour, and then grill or cook in a frying pan until flesh is firm to pressure, and recovers instantly.

I have substituted Lime and Orange Juice for the Lemon Juice, to good results.


Good recipes above
with flounder and trout you won’t have to worry about scales. Olive oil can be stored in a small squirt bottle for the foil cooking. Include a bold blackening spice and mix and match the herbs.

Trout is easily deboned after being cooked whole (gutted) just by pulling on the spine and gently removing all the little rib bones at the same time.

True, but I have found that leaving the
skin on often imparts a strong fish taste, even to mild fish like flounder and trout, due to the protective oils and slime.

No skin, far less fishy taste.


On freshwater trout is doesn’t seem
to make much difference, skin or no skin. Salmon either.