Simple paddling watch

The numbers are getting smaller! Any advice re a simple, relatively inexpensive paddling watch, which I can read without reading glasses? All I really need is the time and a nightlight, so a big face analog would be fine. I would consider digital with compass bearing, if I could avoid the cost and complexity of the numerous other functions which seem to follow.

Any of the basic running type are waterproof, simple and cheap.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor
Is my favorite right now. A simpler model (A5) - not one of the huge ones. Light, comfortable and waterproof. Originally got it for the obvious HR/calorie tracking functions - but it’s as good or better a watch for paddling than anything else I’ve found.

$50 or $150 ?
For $50

For $150

I am sure you can find them even cheaper.


Expeditions are good watches.

check out…, there are hundreds of watchs to choose from. From $20 to over $1000.

Timex Ironman
I have an Ironman…they have numerous models…the one I have runs for about $30…last for years…and their latest model has huge digital numbers…alarm…does it for me…


good old wal-mart, 6 to 8 dollars waterproof, stopwatch, big numbers for old people with bad eyes. last for a few years.jim

I just found out about these also!

Seems Aquatech at Walmart is THE WATCH for cheap and high quality!


2 years ago…
I found the watch(Timex Ironman/WR 100 M)I currently wear 2 years ago.

It was underwater, on the bottom of the river, below Lesser Wesser falls on the Nantahala River in N. Carolina. Obviously someone had lost it on a dump at the falls. It has never leaked, and is still going strong. Have lost count of the swims it’s taken with me; planned or otherwise. Think a new one is somewhere around 30 bucks?

dozens of timex watches for 15-50 bucks