simple question....

what’s harder, single kayaking, or canoeing with 2 people?

what harder
Well I would think single kayaking… I have paddled by myself and it takes a lot more effort. I have seen two people in a canoe and as long as they work well together they move very quick and effortlessly.

Tandem anything is harder
kayak, canoe, bicycle…

that’s why they call them “divorce boats”

Are you thinking of taking injured …
Pnetter Lindabaron for a canoe ride, you sneaky devil?

I had heard a rumor
that Linda “liked’em young and energetic” so that they can keep up with her boundless energy. But isn’t Pamlico a little TOO young for Ms. Linda? lol or should I say, “HaHa!”

Apples and oranges, not the same at
all. Assuming calm waters, either is easy, especially once the two parties in a tandem canoe begin to work together. Of course, it the other partner is my wife, nothing is easy.

Depends on expectations
What do you mean, “harder”? There are many facets to perceptions of difficulty.

In terms of covering distance with less energy expended, a decent touring kayak solo paddled will generally outpace a tandem canoe being paddled traditionally, assuming the skill levels are all the same. (All bets are off if you’re talking about a pair of advanced canoe racers vs a beginning kayaker.) But, if you’re not in a race, the canoe might well seem easier, more intuitive, more forgiving, and possibly more relaxing to beginning and novice paddlers, (or to advanced paddlers, for that matter.) Everything in a tandem depends on how well you and your paddling partner groove together, and that can be a lot of the fun, too.

I’m still at a stage where I find canoeing more relaxing, and a lot less taxing on my body than kayaking. So in that sense, to me, canoeing is lots easier. But, it’s a lot less efficient, too. Well, actually, I should qualify that, as well. For instance, if I want to carry a bunch of gear, then canoeing is more efficient. But, if I want to cover longer distances, then kayaking is more efficient.

As far as learning curves go, I think the kayak has a steeper one. But, part of that has to do the greater range of waters that people typically use kayaks on. (There are notable exceptions to that as well. :wink:

What was the question, again?

algebraic question is more like it
there are so many factors. I paddle my Blast up and down river, no problem. I solo paddle my canoe at a decent pace. My father and I did that eight mile race in my canoe in 1:20, not trying too hard. My friends paddled the same course in the same boat it took 3:30, and they were DEAD tired.

What is hard to one is not to another, and different days make different pains. My first canoe trip ever was in the Algonquin Park, paddle and portage everywhere. that wasn’t nearly as hard on me as a freestyle canoe symposium.

I guess I am just filling up space here and not being too specific. I think that long trip, the kayak is harder physically. Short trip, tandom canoe is harder, due to mental and physical constraints. But that is all my opinon, no real research about it.


I do both and love them both
My wife and bow paddler in our tandem canoe click as good as almost any paddlers our ages, (because there are none our ages).

However that took many years.

We can paddle all day long at a race pace and when the race is over can keep right on going, but that is for the simple reason we train hard.

When I am in my kayak I love that just as much, and can paddle that all day and never tire.

You didn’t mention solo canoe, and I personally think that solo canoeing is the hardest of the three.

Anybody can get in a kayak and within a few days can get the basic strokes down pretty well and become proficient, ( I am not talking about rolling, but simple paddling).

A c-2 takes a lot more, such as learning the proper plant and catch as well as the draws, sweeps, rudders, etc all the while keeping in sync with your partner.



I took his question to mean…
…something totally different. I read the question as which is easier, two people each in a solo kayak or two people each in a solo canoe. The question would then relate to which would be easier relative to staying close to each other and such. ( of course I could be totally wrong )

You’re totally wrong.

Hmmm, you could be
totally right too, now that I have reread his post.

Maybe Pamlico can come back and clarify his question.