Simple replacement of just outer wooden gunwales on canoe

I have a 1985 Old Town Penebscot 16 canoe with wooden gunwales. The outer rails have rotted away but the inner rails look OK, although I had to put simple braces under the seat because the inner rail sags a bit when I’m sitting there.
Anyway, I was hoping to replace just the outer rails with either vinyl or aluminum and keep the inner rails. Can anyone recommend a cheap easy way to replace the outers? Looks really aren’t that important.
Also, I’ve seen some “old timey” canvas or cloth bumpers on canoes and sailboats and was wondering if anyone has tried that?
I want to avoid replacing all the rails (the hull is royalex) and use something other than wood.
Thanks in advance!

Alu gunwales require shaping to fit the curve of the sheerline. Shipping is very expensive.

Vinyl have alu inserts. Yet the insert is pre bent Here are Mad Rivers directions. Note the difficulty of shipping and the fairly lengthy process

Your problem is far from simple. You cannot replace just an outwale with alu or vinyl.
The best way to approach your dilemna is to rerail the outers with wood… Ash is usually used.

Thanks. I’ve read a few threads about that so far.