Simple Rod Holder

Is there any alternative to the Scotty or Ram rod holders. I’m sure they’re very good, but they seem unnecessarily large and complex for my application. All I want is a hole or clamp forward of the seat to stick a rod butt in. I don’t need it to swivel, or rotate. or anything. I just want a place to put the rod other than my lap while I make minor boat adjustment with my paddle.


Sure, and a million ways to do it. One is to get a short section of PVC pipe (50 cents or so at hardware store) and either attach it with screws (drill 2 holes in PVC pipe and kayak, attach with short sheet metal screws), a strap, or velcro. Screws would be easiest and most secure, if there’s a place that’s handy where you don’t mind drilling holes in your boat. Give us a link to a picture of your kayak model and we’ll help suggest where to put it.

If you don’t wanna hole your kayak
You could always just attach the rod holder to you! You can either just shove the end of your rod down the top of your PFD if you wear one, or get/make a rod holder you can strap around your waist. Besides not holing your kayak, you can also feel the slightest bite when you maintain contact with your rod.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, but you still don’t wanna hole your kayak, you can also strap a milk crate to your deck and zip-tie/clamp some PVC pipe to that. Then you got the crate for some on-deck tackle storage.

rod holders

Go to Wal-mart
Buy a pos clamp on rod holder.

have a look at these …
… maybe you would like the two part rod holders , the base stays permenantly attached , pop in the rod holder when desired .

Order direct from Old Town Canoe Co. / Carlisle … use the contact us at bottom of page , or 1-800-343-1555

Simple Rod Holder
Thanks to all. Lots of options to check out.