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To my question, but I can’t figure it out… It looks like I may be getting a new SUV, Mercury Mountaineer- The rack on the roof runs the length of the car, but does not have the 2 crossbraces needed to strap down my Kayak- What product should I be looking for that can serve as crossbraces (and no, 2" X 4"'s or curtain rods won’t cut it…)


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simply mount boats sideways and slap a ‘wide load’ sign on back!

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Sounds like you need a Thule bar…

I hear they are really good when washed down with a Gatorade for enhancing your performance!

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Both Thule and Yakima
make adaptors that will allow mounting of crossbars compatable with various boat-hauling attachments.

Each site has info on fitting their products.


In addition
The cross bars that come with many cars are not strong enough to just strap your kayak to them. Both Thule and Yakima warn you about that, as did Subaru in my case.

Don’t disparage wood crossbraces.
After I spent most of $200 buying Yakima clamps and bars for our Outback, I noticed that I had redwood 2 X 6’s in the basement. I could easily have made crossbars that were more streamlined, sat lower, and made less noise than the Yakima stuff. Red cedar 2x6’s are cheaper and more widely available than redwood.