Since I started paddling again, it’s much easier to find my car in the parking lot


Hullivators help even w/o a boat in them

Absolutely true, although I rarely leave them on when not using them as I see a noticeable impact on my miles per charge metric. That and I understand that rack parts are a high-theft item right now.

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No locks on yours? There’s six locks on my system, four on the foot bars and one on each Hullavator.

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I’ve got the same number and configuration of locks, but I’ve heard that the thieves can break those loose with only a little effort. I consider that the locks keep the Hullavators safe at the boat launch and at home during the day where any untoward behavior would be quickly noticed. But I’m not sure I trust the locks in overnight situations.


Interesting re the locks. In fact I will be finding out how easy those locks are to move around tomorrow. I have to move my rack onto a new car with fitkit and a new tower rather than the around-the-rail Crossroad mount I have been using. Expect to move the locks from the Crossroads to the new podiums.

I was thinking of adding locks for the cradles after I went thru that process. Will pay attention to how easy I find it.

When I saw the title I though you were talking about the put-in. Every put-in around here packed with people looking to get outside. All the people who use to hang out at the mall or shopping center are trying to get outside, and we just don’t have the space for everyone.

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I understand. I drove the truck with two Sea kayaks on the racks to the St Augustine Amphitheatre driving the Allison Krause concert. Easy to find.

Agreed on 18 feet of boat on the roof makes for more conspicuous vehicle. I always strive to park so that the hull overhanging my car is tucked into a spot where it cannot be “found” with someone’s forehead. I also hang a very hi-vis colored flag on that same end.

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My truck puts the kayaks up in the 7ft range. Fewer foreheads there, but there are trucks and vans. I often back in so kayaks hang out over car hoods or grass.

Always back in so boats are not hanging over where cars drive. A local paddler lost an end of his kayak that way.