Sing , is the storm headed your way

as bad as it is being reported?

@string said:
as bad as it is being reported?

Yes. Storm Riley is kicking butt in Boston and along the northeast coast. Downtown Boston is flooded for the 2nd time in 2 months. That hasn’t happen since Blizzard of 78. My coworkers at the office were all sent home this AM. Looking at social media postings, the streets around by homebreak just north of Boston are flooded. The peninsula was almost back to an island at this morning’s high tide. Tonight is expected to flood worse as the storm surge continues and builds…

Have to say, when I moved several years ago, I had wanted to buy in the town where I surf. But, the sea level rise projections led me to choose further inland. Looking at the reports and seeing pics of seawater flowing around and down the adjacent streets around the homebreak and sea wall, guess it was/is the right decision. I know my wife was/is way happier (given she doesn’t kayak or surf…).

I am sitting in wet but mild LA right now. Will find out tomorrow night when I get home whether water got into my basement. I live near the top of a hill but on a extended downpour, the water comes through the back (uphill side) and runs to the front of the house and out the garage door. It’s like having my own little stream. :neutral: Oh well…


Wow. I live at the bottom of a hill and have had water flow in though the den and out through the garage. It happened twice after it rained 5" in an hour.
I had the back brick patio raised 4" and so far, so good.