Single Oar Sculling

After reading this article

("#sculling" is part of the link, but it wont post that way)

I have to give it a shot in my old canoe. I’ve built a 2"x6"x24" bolt on transom out of laminated red oak boards. The sculling notch is about 1 foot away from the side of the canoe.

I’ve picked up a cheap 7’ Feather Brand Oar for starters, but I am willing to bet that a 10’ oar with a 44" blade would make a canoe get up and boogie.

As soon as I get a piece of leather around the oar and get the boat in the water, I’ll give a report…good or bad.

Always wondered about that.

What I’m curious about is the SE Asian
method of standing, winding one leg around a long paddle, while controlling angle (I believe) with the hand on the same side, and sculling the paddle back and forth in the same manner used by us canoeists in a sculling draw. This leg sculling produces some pretty impressive speed. Seems to be employed from the stern of a long, narrow, flattish dugout. Probably need passengers or freight to get the hull to lay down for the best speed.