Single Or Dual Paddle Float

Last question on paddle floats I promise…

The lady at the store said that if I am learning how to do a self rescue than a single is the way to go.

I don’t understand…why if a dual is better…then why do they make a single at the same price?

Would appreciate your thoughts. I simply want to go to the store tomorrow…buy it and move on …knowing that I have a quality one in hand.


Last answer on paddle floats
Dual chamber is best because if you puncture it, you usually only puncture one chamber–you still have another to enable a self rescue.

Buy the Gaia, it’s the best on the market and the only one you can put on and inflate with only one hand.

That’s important, because you still have a paddle and a boat to be holding onto. If either blows away from you, you won’t be able to catch them.

One foot in the cockpit holds the boat, one hand holds the paddle, and the other hand attaches the paddle float.


As to the lady in the store
yeah - it may be slightly easier to first learn a paddle float rescue with a single chamber float since there is less float to mess with.

But what do you do with the thing when you are done learning and you want to have a float to work in real conditions? Turn it into a really odd sofa cushion?

Get the double.

Get the Gaia
When your hands are stiff, cold and purple it’s hard to turn the little valves on the others. What’s a few dollars more for an item that just might save your life sometime? I’d hate to be in a situation thinking 'Oh S*!+, I should have bought the Gaia." Or get a foam float.


those who make or sell singles
should stop now! ONce you have it down you only need one. The second is for safety. If you are using one of those things for real then it’s got to work; end of story.

can imagine that a
one sided is MUCH cheaper to produce…you are not trying to weld together as many layers that way…

my POE bow drybags/floataio bags only have inflation on the bottom side just so that they are then not as bulky when you are trying to shove it in through a 10" hatch…

Why be half safe?
This thing is for saving your life!

double float
If there is a concern that a double float is added safety because of one bladder failing…go with foam…no bladder to fail…store on back deck…worked for years… When hands cold …don’t want to mess with valves to inflate anything.