Single paddle for sea kayak

I’ve been thinking about getting a short single paddle for easy-going flat water paddling in my sea kayak (Pygmy Coho). I tried one of my canoe paddles, a carbon Barton bentshaft, and I was pleased with the performance, but it was too long at 52". I think maybe a children’s paddle such as BB’s Twig or Grey Owl’s Owlet in a 48" length might work. Has anyone here experimented with these kids paddles in a sea kayak?

Haven’t tried kid’s paddles, but ZRE
works fine. My Zaveral is 48", but a 46" would work better for me.

Don’t the kid’s paddles have rather smallish blades?

I want to make a c1 out of a sea kayak one day…It would be fun. You could also call a smaller company and see if they would make you a really short one. I bet someone like Fox Worx would do one.

not kids paddle
I got one from sanborn canoe company. They built me their borealis model with an 8"x16" blade 48" long. Gillespie also has wood blade paddles that would work. Zre’s are great but a bit expensive for something you aren’t ready to commit to. Plus after paddling both carbon and wood single blades, i like the heavier paddles. (15-19oz)

Ryan L.

I much more enjoy a single blade in a kayak than a double. I cut one of my ZRE paddles down to 46" and it works great.


Thanks for the tips
I may be getting a used straight-shaft Zaveral at a very nice price soon and I may try cutting that one down.

Cut that straight Zav down to 52" and
ship it to me :slight_smile:

Great minds think alike.

As you can see on the post above, I recently decide to try out the rest of the summer single blading with a 48 incher for paddling. I’m using a 52 inch straight paddle for a fishing paddle.

I like:

The 10 degree bend is good for all around use. I like it better than others I’ve tried with more bend.

Single blade paddling is easier on my body. It seems like I never get too worn out to move the boat well.

I have less chafing problems.

I don’t like:

More concentration is needed on steering- the strokes and switching are not as automatic as with the double.

It is slower for shorter paddles. I think any paddles under 15 miles the single blade is going to be slower.

I’d love to hear how this works out for you.

I think some of the Neptune’s Rangers are using single blades at times.


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You can have it if I don't like it, Yanoer. But I have a feeling I'm going to like it--a lot! :)

LOL! I love that Kruger quote, Frank, "you get more miles per flapjack with the single blade..."