Single paddle technique

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Is this proper technique?
I usually do three strokes per side then switch but this guy has a larger blade than I use and so maybe steering requires just one stroke.
It just seems inefficient.

are you really going to tell that guy if it isn’t?

Poor form
He really needs to work on his J-stroke.

But the torso rotation is excellent!

I’d be worried
about cross winds, maintaining course could be an issue.

Nice hit and switch
With that bent shaft.

Odd priorities

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If you can afford an excavator, you can afford a few
outboard motors to do it the right way.

A used newer model 150hp Honda outboard goes for about $8,000

Reply of the day.

…paddles keen with bite,

flashing like Case-hardened Allison driven steel,

swift as the wild goo DAMN!

Call the Drydene boys! POS hydraulic line’s busted again!”

I detect way
too much sweep in the stroke! But might is right and I aint arguin with that.

Example of a True Paddler
I won’t comment on technique, but the operator has got to be a paddler, because paddlers know when to improvise and this is an example.

Ha , that’s is the best …
… thanks for the vid. link … absolutely perfect technique I think !!

I wonder
if he’s good at digging trenches with a canoe paddle.

There are a lot of better ways to paddle than 3 and switch, but this is not one of them.

You might be interested in the New England school of paddling where people choose one side to paddle on for their whole careers.

What New England One Side of Paddling School?

We STAND and the pole rules.

There ya’ go…
hook those hydraulics up to a pole and perhaps a hydraulically operated duck’s foot if the bottom’s soft… That’ll get it there.

‘Course all that switching wouldn’t be necessary if there was another one of those in the stern and maybe a radio to say “hut” with.

Bet that guy has a heckava’ bow draw, though.

And I bet he could do that all day and all night without getting tired, too. Maybe a headache from the noise and fumes…

You can bet he’s properly "strapped in"
Gotta weld the tracks to the barge. If not you’re in the water by the second stroke.