Single upright canoe trailer / cover?

I am about to throw in the towel and switch to a single canoe trailer where I can tow my canoe upright. After loading/unloading multiple times in multiple places on my Yakima racks it sure would have been alot quicker just to put on the trailer, tie down, and drive off. Here is my question. Does anyone know of a good place to buy a cover or something I can put over the canoe while driving so I can put things like fishing rods, pfd’s, etc. don’t fly out? I am having a brain lock on what options are out there and not having an easy time finding anything via google.

Thank you.

not sure about manuf. covers , but …

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...... I'm certain you could sew up , or have sewn up one to fit your canoe perfectly .

If you have a reasonable over hang on your gunnels that should be all that's needed .

A pattern of the top side of your boats gunnels , drawn right on the cloth while stretch out in place ... add to that gunnel depth , add to that whatever would be required to make a double thickness hem , and sew to the top gunnel line .

Thread a nice 3/8" braided nylon rope through the hem leaving sufficient extra length to tag ends sticking out ... place new cover over canoe and draw rope ends tight , tie off in bow etc. .

Probably be tight like a drum when drawn up ... just think a hoodie or coat hood type thing .

If you are going to trailer your canoe up-right , suggest you be certain to have a well fitted craddle affair with extra support length at the two mount spots .

Covers the whole thing…
…but the description reads like this thing might be pretty tough.

locking box
I would put some type of locking box, and you can leave your gear on there when not in use.

They are a sponsor of, have good prices, and a good quality product. I have one of their covers and use it exactly the way you say you’d like to.

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canoe cover
I use a small bunk trailer for my canoe and have found that heavy items will not blow out in transport. I leave the lighter items in my vehicle and load them into the canoe before putting it in the water.

If I were going to cover the canoe while in transport I think I would look into using a net - one like you would use for tennis only lighter. That would be easy to apply and store in the vehicle while the canoe is in use.