single vs double

I am looking to buy a Kwiktec inflatable kayak to take to Florida from Michigan this spring. I would like to use it with my girlfriend but will probably be using it mostly by myself. If I buy a two seater will it handle adequately with only one person on board? Do the seats need to be movable to switch from two paddlers to one.

single vs double

I have the Advanced Elements convertible inflatable kayak, and it also converts from 1 to 2 people. I don’t know about the Kwiktec, but mine works great as a single or double. When I paddle as a single, it’s usually to fish from, and I appreciate the extra space for fishing gear.

It’s not super fast, averaging about 3.5-4.0 mph in light chop, but very stable and I’ve never dumped it.

If you’re looking for stability and not blazing speed, you’re probably on the right course (so to speak)…

Personal Choice
It is a personal choice, but with you saying you will use it mostly by yourself, is it better to get a single kayak and rent one for your s/o when she wants to go w/you?

But then again, the rentals can add up, to where you maybe should get her a kayak of her own.


Double kayaks
are also known as “Divorce boats” nuff said.

Ain’t Necessarily So…

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...the divorce boat thing - really depends on how skilled and cooperative the paddlers are. Given an immature, screaming, blame-assessing marionet in the stern seat, it sure could be; given a sensible, competent couple who can communicate with each other and have at least minimal paddling skills, its a fine way to travel on the water. It ain't the boat, it's the people that make the difference...

Get a single
I have 4 kayaks: 3 singles and a tandem. The singles are for fishing, playing and a serious one for touring. The tandem I bought so I could take my wife out on camping trips, fishing, or just for the day - she has back issues so I would do most of the paddling. We’ve used it only a few times and we had great fun camping and exploring but she just never got that “into” it. So the tandem sits.

I had it sold to a guy like you wanting to get a tandem for he and his wife but then I talked him into getting two singles. Last point: We have good friends who have been kayaking a tandem for years. They said they were not interested in singles and really liked their tandem. We went out with them one weekend and traded kayaks so they could see what it was like to paddle together in their own kayaks. I’m not making this up: The next weekend they traded in their tandem and bought two singles! It is not harder to paddle a single than two people in a tandem. In fact, I’d much rather be in a single for freedom and ease of paddling.

My 3 cents worth - it was a long response :slight_smile:

Single v Double
Thanks for your help. I’ve gotten some interesting feedback on the subject. With your double do you have to make adjustments to use it as a single, such as moving the seats to get a better weight distibution. I’m not sure how much adjustment is available in the Kwik Tec.