SINK for a beginner.

My grandson is 17 , 6’ , 160 lbs.
He is currently paddling a Vector 14 SOT and I’ve taught him how to efficiently paddle. He can leave me in his wake at will.
I have been taking him along on our group paddles where he has been exposed to some serious sea kayaks so you know what he wants now. It’s my fault. And he wants to learn to roll.
I need suggestions for a plastic boat that he can continue to grow with that won’t break the bank.

Dagger Alchemy or Stratos come to mind as good for growing, fit his size, and not that expensive. Used Tempest, Chatham, or the like could also work.

Peter-CA’s thoughts are good but if the kid likes to get his hands dirty it might be worth considering building something. I have experience with the Pygmy kits and they are well made and relatively easy to build. Others here can speak to the CLC kits. Prices are more than used plastic, but less that most new plastic kayaks. Also, if he is rough with it he can learn to fix it.

A few come to mind in poly - WS Zephyr, Valley Avocet or Nordkapp, CD Sirroco. All excepting Avocet will allow for the lad getting larger.

I can vouch for the suggestions for the Tempest, Alchemy, and Zephyr. I tested the Zephyr and own the other two. I would suggest getting the smaller version of one of these boats and move the seat back to make getting in and out easier. If he wants to roll be sure to hand him a GP.

For rolling you’ll want a boat that you can lay back on the rear deck. Typically the back of the cockpit will hit you low on the back near the hips.

Get a Current Designs Sirocco if you don’t want to mess with learning to roll. The boat will right itself if you just lie back. I don’t even have to put my head in the water, or help out with the paddle.

The above is a fact, but seriously, for the money, you won’t find a better all-around great sea kayak, that you can’t grow out of.