SINK or Canoe in Class 1-3 rapids?

I went on a Class 1-2 river trip recently in a canoe(Old Town Tripper). With the recent rainfall in the area, the river has become a Class 2-3. I am just wondering what the difference is between a sink and a canoe when going through a river in that range. I have a WS Pungo that has a open cockpit. Is it going to be a problem? Thanks.


Forget using the Pungo. Class III is serious whitewater and the Pungo is not at all suited for it. Moreover, flooded rivers can be quite dangerous, strainers being one of the major problems. So even if only parts are class III it may be harder to deal with in flood conditions. Wait till the water recedes.

Right Tool, Right Skills Needed
where are you on those?

Pungo is not it for class III. Old Town Discovery is rec canoe. :slight_smile:

Got skills? May make it work but hamper yourself with the wrong tools?


Don’t see …

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Don't see any profile; so don't know your skill level. Based on your questions regarding the use of those 2 boats on class 2 and 3 whitewater, I'd have to guess that your skill level may not be suitable for class 3 whitewater. "Generally speaking", the boats you named were designed for recreational boating(Pungo), or tripping(Tripper). So you have neither the skills, nor the correct boat for class 3 whitewater.
Want to do whitewater? Upgrade to a whitewater boat & get some training too.
Don't become a statistic..............


I’ll hold the rope…

I Hate To Be A Bummer, But
I have seen rec boats try and run real classII+ rapids. They fill with water.

To run class II+ a canoe needs floatation, or it will fill with water.

Class III is very serious stuff. A rec boat just will not make it.

I think maybe you overestimate a little. A natural tendancy…Most people who do not run a lot of whitewater tend to do that…

still if you
over estimate or not. Flooded water conditions usually mean fast water. Be careful out there and use all safety precautions.

Old Town Tripper can be a good WW
canoe, although rather ponderous if paddled solo. A friend would solo his down Chattooga 4 and think nothing of it. I bought the boat from him and would use it when class 2 runs got to high for my 13’ open. But to do such things in a Tripper, you need to have the boat outfitted properly, you need well-developed paddling stroke techniques, and you need to be quite strong, OR have such accurate force application that you can give away some strength.

As for the Pungo and other rec kayaks, I could get a Pungo down the Nantahala, but I’m not sure why I would want to. Much rather run the Tripper.

I wonder …

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I wonder what the experience level of the original poster is? Sounds as if they are talking about solo paddling? Think the original poster can take a Pungo down the Nantahala? Think the original poster can take a 17'2", 80 lb., 37 inch wide Tripper down Chattooga Section 4......solo? I don't think so. I think if the original poster had class 3 whitewater paddling skills, they wouldn't have been asking about using the boats noted for class 3 whitewater in the first place.
Sure would like to see someone run Chattooga Section 4 solo in an Old Town Tripper. Will be in N. Carolina in August. I'd drive down to the Chattooga just to watch. Will buy a case of beer for the person who can successfully run Woodall Shoals, Seven Foot Falls, Corkscrew, Crack In The Rock, and Jawbone in a Tripper! I don't mean just survive; I mean successfully run em!


Old Town Tripper

They say that the St, Croix River which separates New Brunswick and Maine has class 2 and 3 rips.

The only boats commonly seen on this river are

Old Town Discoveries and Trippers.

Of course they are not done solo.

They are great, take a beating in low water rock

gardens, and bounce right back.

Havent been there in a few years,wish I could.

available at any time…

No Problem…

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No problem with an Old Town Tripper, or a Pungo. No problem with either company that makes them. I owned an OT Discovery 174, and an OT Discovery 158 myself. The 174 (now over 15 years old), is still being used by it's third owner; the 158 is still used by it's second owner. Yeah! They will take a whipping.
I do have a problem telling someone whose skill level is "unknown"(no profile posted), that a Pungo, or a Tripper are OK for them to do class 3 whitewater.
They are OK for doing class 3 whitewater by a paddler with what skill level? An advanced paddler, an intermediate paddler, a beginner? Would you put your teenaged son, or daughter, (beginner skill level), in either of those boats, smile, & wave bye to them as they paddle off downstream on a river with class 3 rapids?
Just because you did it, or Billy Bob did it, doesn't mean "anybody" can do it, and survive.
What are your skills? What are Billy Bob's skills? Did you, and/or Billy Bob really have the skills to be on class 3, or did you just blunder along downstream & get lucky? Frankly, I think some beginners I've seen on whitewater would have been safer swimming than paddling "any" boat. Then they wouldn't have had to contend with the boat when they swam every class 3 they tried, and more than a few of the class 2s.


P.S. There "is" a difference between "you doing class 3" (you get from point A to point B) because you have the right equipment, and some skills VS "Class 3 doing you" (you get from point A to point B) by swimming every rapid, because you had the wrong equipment, no skills, and you got lucky; God was watching out for fools that day.