Sirius, Currituck-Like Recommendations?

The search for the perfect kayak goes on…

Tried my Mariner boats (Coaster and Mariner II) after several months and my legs no longer fit in the boats. A tight fit under the deck (11.5" depth) of the Mariner II in summer shorts. Likely will not fit in winter gear. So, need to replace with a kayak with more room under the deck.

Generally, what I am looking for:

  1. Around 17ft length. Easier to manuever on and off water. Have Fenn XT surf ski when I want longer, narrower, and faster.
  2. Around 21 inch width - give or take 1". Reasons: Want narrower beam for winter exercise paddles with good wing paddle form and I don’t really need any wider for stability comfort.
  3. 12-13" deep front of cockpit deck. A key measure for my fit. Current mariner II 11.5 inch dimension is not working.
  4. Generally, looking at rudder-free designs; Skeg is OK. Exception: may try out a Prijon Barracuda.
  5. Cockpit that is reasonable to get in and out of say at least 30"L by 15"W.

    I am 5’10" and 225 pounds.

    So, here is my list of boats to consider so far:

    Currituck Impex (owned an Assateague and generally liked it)

    Sirius P&H (appears to have a deep cockpit and others my size have fit in it. Looks like a good option)

    Barracuda Prijon (exception to rudder free - I like the prijon quality and toughness)

    So, what recommendations would this group have on other boats to try? Are there some models that I should add to my try out list that meet my specifications?

In addition
Good list so far.

In addition to the Currituck, try the Impex Force Category 4 & 5. Not as nimble as the Currituck but definitely more glide, edges well and for my 6’ 200lb size 11 shoe frame the Force Cat. 5 has become the kayak I paddle the most out of the Impex lineup. (note: my paddling programs only use Impex kayaks so I’ve got a ready assortment of Impex to choose from)

See if you can find a local outfitter that has demos and go play.

See you on the water,


Are you sure about rudder free?
I’m not a fan of rudders at all. My very first boat had one and I didn’t like it. BUT I just got back from my first paddle in the PNW and we rented Seaward Kayaks with rudders. I know a skeg wouldn’t have survived past the first day (been there, done that in Nova Scotia).

If you’re determined to get a skeg, don’t go with the Sirius. The cable kinks as easily as any other wire cable skeg, but the cable and skeg are integrated (one piece). That means it’s quite expensive to replace. I know, I’ve done it twice. Otherwise, I love the Sirius.

Ignore this post if you’re launching AND landing on a dock.


Sirius Skeg Kinking
Curious about the skeg kinking. Was it just under normal use underway when it was damaged?

Anyone else experience this with Sirius and/or other P&H boats?

Will keep this in mind and take a look when I demo Sirius.

Not exactly typical
but it was a typical reaction by a wire skeg (from what I’ve read and heard).

First time in NS it was my fault…I had the down about 1/4 for a windy crossing and forgot to raise it before landing. Not a surf landing at all and a better design would have had some give to it, but still, most skegs would have reacted in the same way.

The second time was in surf. No stones or pebbles …just enough pushes to get me launched, but it jammed enough sand into the skeg to kink it.

Again, I don’t think the Sirius skeg itself is any more prone to kinking than any other. It’s just more expensive to replace because you must replace the whole unit.


you are the same size as me
(almost literally)-i paddle a Tempest 170 from Wildy…,love it…

other boats that i have paddled and fit in comfortably enough to mention:

-Capella 163 tried the 169 but felt it was too wide for me…no connection with my knees…

-ph Bahiya…sweet fast HARD chine boat…never before have i sat in a boat that felt so good the first 3 seconds…

tried a couple of neckys…not perfect but okay…


btw: if you want to get rid of that coaster let me know!!!i would force my way into it…

…spoken for already!

How about the Mariner II?

I don’t have a Mariner kayak…yet…

My wife paddles a Sirius and she has never had any skeg problems. If you know how to perform minor boat repairs, a skeg issue shouldn’t be that terribly expensive.

Definitely demo these boats. The Sirius could be a tight fit for you. I’m 5’10" 175 and although I like the Sirius, it’s a tad too narrow in the cockpit in front of the seat. It restricts my legs a little too much for my comfort.

It’s a great tripping boat.

Since you’ve already considered P&H boats, It would be worth checking out their Capella line.


I am 5’10" and 225 as well…
I also thought the fit of the Tempest 170 (glass)was perfect…the RM 170 was a tad loose…as I like a snug fit. Much depends upon where you hold your weight. I really liked the perfomrance of the Currituck, but it was a tad tight under the thigh hooks for me. Also tight was the Romany.

I had a Sirius HF which fit beautifully…just didn’t like the fact that it never sat evenly…always off to the side. I just finished a sof and it sits better than the Sirius did. It is all in what you like, as some folks love the Sirius. The Sirius S or M will likely be too small. The Sirius L will likely be too large (was for me)…look for an HF to demo.

I would also consider an Impex Susquehanna. I have an old Diamante which is the same hull design. It manuevers very well…is fast enough…tracks well (skeg if needed…though don’t use it), and I believe would be a very nice fit for you.

Let us know what you choose…enjoy demoing…


You can’t fit???
A Mariner II, but you want to try a Currituk?? I’m confused…

same here
but I’d like to get in line for the Coaster

mariner II vs currituck
I haven’t tried a currituck yet, but I am going by the deck height dimensions at the front of the cockpit.

mariner II is 11.5" vs a Currituck at 13". Haven’t tried getting in a Currituck yet, but I am guessing that the extra 1.5 inches will make a big difference. Of course, you never know until you try to get in. Could turn out to be cramped as well.

Will be posting the Coaster shortly on and elsewhere. However - given your location - you should know I will not ship a boat. Requires too much time investment to prep for shipping. In addition, I believe there is too much risk of damage to any boat that is shipped. I don’t want to deal with a having someone dissatisfied by receiving a damaged boat.

If you are still interested and have some way to arrange someone else to buy and ship from the Seattle area, then we could still be in business.

Let us know when it goes up
If it’s still around when my folks get back to Washington from up north I might get interested.

you’re looking at numbers too much, it’s not fast and what depth there is is the consequence of a v-bottom, the actual seat room is less than a MarinerII IIRC