Sit and switch solo paddlers

Anyone had a chance to try out that new Blackhawk Solo by Savage River? Looks like it could make my short list.

Not yet
but I like Diller and I really like his craftmanship. I have been waiting for his latest solo. I can not vouch for his originality but his attention to details is great. **

** ex: 4x32 comp cruiser, one from Diller and one from Wenonah. The Diller was just a tad faster in the shallows and a WHOLE lot more comfortable for the bow paddler. ( Don’t know how comfortable the stern was since I was in the front). Dillers J-boat was just a little bit more forgiving where I paddle. I haven’t paddled the Susquhanna yet but I do have to give the Minn2 the first place in the stock tandems I hav epaddled.