Sit in kayak for big guy.

I am a large paddler and have been happily paddleing a tarpon 160 SOT for several years. I am considering buying a used sea kayak to expand my paddeling season into cooler weather. At 5’ 10" 255lbs i know my choices are limited. Use would be lake and slow river. There is a P&H Capella 166 available for a decent price and I have been considering it.

Any other kayaks that would be a good fit?



Wilderness Systems…
the Tsunami line is a well made collection of boats. As a larger paddler, I love my Tsunami 145 although it’s a bit on the smaller side for open ocean paddling. They do offer 160, 165 and 170s I believe. Plenty of storage and phenomenal tracking in my 145, I can only imagine how much better those qualities get in the longer boats. good luck.

Second that
I have a Tsunami 145 and a Tempest 170 I’m happy with, I’m about the same size as you.

My 2 cents
I’m a little heavier than you and find I like to keep a minimum of 50lbs between me and the max suggested capacity for the boat to perform well. (Not ride too low).

I recently took a 250lb friend out for his first paddle (along the shore). I put him in my Delta 18.5 Exp for the extra stability. I was in my Scorpio that I’m at the suggest max for. We didn’t go too far but had to come back into the wind (a few km). I got dusted. I was even pulling hard so I wouldn’t get dusted and it didn’t help. Him riding with a decent waterline and me riding near the seam there was no contest. It was a bit of an eye opener for me. I enjoy the feel of a low riding boat but there sure is an efficiency difference with one that fits properly.

A couple boats for bigger guys I like that aren’t often mentioned in all the “big guy” boat threads are the Boreal Designs Baffin size 3 and the Tahe Reval HV. I also like the specs (other than deck height) and price on the Perception Essence 17 but haven’t paddled one yet. The Delta I mentioned above is also nice boat to paddle with a low deck.

Have fun shopping.

Try before you buy
The Current Designs Sirocco, or Gulfstream is a great boat and it will fit big guys.

Current Designs Storm or Solstice
I’m a large guy myself 6’1" and 230.

I have both these boats and they fit well. I like them both because I find I can comfortably relax in swells with the paddle across my lap without feeling I’m on the edge going over. They are both very sea worthy rides.