Sit in or Sok

I’m looking at getting my first kayak. Have canoed for 20 plus years, need something easier to handle in windy weather when out alone. Primary use will be primarily fishing but some general paddling also, mostly lakes and maybe some bays (nj). I was considering a pungo 120 or an old town adventure. I’m 6’2" about 200lbs. Any suggestions as to which is better, sit in or sok?



Sots vs Sit Insides
There has been lots of discussion on this subject. Check out the archives over at kayakfishingstuff, it went on for a few months last year.

I own both and would recommend a Sit On Top for fishing over a sit inside if you’ll be hitting the bay as well as freshwater. You will generally be safer in it and would need more rescue skills in a sit inside if you ever got into trouble. Don’t neglect learning safety skills in your sit on top either. If I don’t mention that, someone will undoubtedly point that out.

I like my sit inside better for rivers and creeks but that may change if I buy a Tarpon 100 or Ocean Kayak Caper as I have planned.

I have owned both
I started out fishing out of SOT’s. OK Scupper Pro and a WS Tarpon 160. I eventually gravitated to a sit inside for the drier ride and easier access to my gear. I now use a OT Loon 138, similar to a Pungo 140. I find that for ME I prefer the recreational sit inside as a fishing kayak. More stable than an SOT, drier ride, more comfortable, faster, easier to portage. I fish freshwater lakes, rivers, and saltwater bays and flats. I like the SINK so much more that I’m looking at getting a sea kayak to fish/camp out of. Either the Peception Carolina or Eclipse.

SOT or SINK? I have used both here
in S. Florida. My favorite, at the moment, is a rigged Heritage SeaDart SOT. If price were not an obstacle, I would be fishing from one of the superyaks-Kaskazi Skua SOT or their latest version of the Pelican. You must also consider whether you will be using live bait, or lures, primarily. Then decide where and how you will launch, can you handle the yak’s weight on a regular basis, solo. Yak fishing varies a lot, depending on your area and fresh or saltwater, etc. Check out the many forums for excellent info on rigging, accessories, etc. Yak fishing is great fun, good exercise, and marvelous stress relief. Get your rod bent!