Sit-in rentals in Monterey, CA

Anyone know if there is a place that rents sit-ins in Monterey? Even a private party will do. All I’m coming up with is sit-on-tops. Thanks!

Kayak Connection at the Elkhorn Slough rented sit ins in the past. It looks like they still do on their webpage. The Slough doesn’t sound like a great place to paddle, but it is actually very nice and a good way to see aquatic wildlife. The folks who used to own the Kayak Connection could set you up with a SINK no problem, you might have to be persistent with the people who answer the phones, last time I was there the staff was not really very experienced.

Yeah, we did Kayak Connection a few weeks ago at Elkhorn. It was a nice. We are looking for something in Monterey proper this weekend since we’ll staying there. But, after several calls, it looks like it’s just sit-on-tops or bring our own. Decisions, decisions.

Best chance is Monterey Bay Kayaks. They have an on water spot down near the pier (along with one at Elkhorn Slough). They do SELL (edited from “see”) sit inside kayaks, and do ACA classes, but not sure of what they do for rentals.

Keep in mind, sit inside rentals (particularly if you get a skirt also) are somewhat limited due to liability concerns. If you flip a sit on top, most can figure out how to get back on. But a sit inside is a different story. So even places that do rent will be looking for some sort of proof that the renters know what to do - generally in showing that they have taken an intro to sea kayaking class and/or confirming they have done a paddlefloat rescue and can explain some of the key steps.

If this doesn’t pan out, a recommendation would be to skip the kayaks and do a whale watch boat tour. Some of my crazy endurance friends did a Monterey Bay crossing by kayak last weekend and reported that there were huge numbers of humpbacks. Even if you don’t, whenever you are near the shore keep an eye on the water. Not unheard of to see whales from land.

Whale watch tour is great idea. Thanks.

I was actually surprised that Kayak Connection at Elkhorn let us and others rent sit-insides with little verification (even verbal) that we knew what we were doing. Unless it was on the waiver I didn’t read. I’ve never encountered such lax oversight.

To rent a kayak in UK I had to demonstrate ability to roll the sucker. It had no chines, and I was not used to that and so I ended up doing a back deck~ 720 degree rodeo roll, with wild skulling for the last little bit. They let me take it anyway. Next time I rented I just showed videos of me surfing on my phone.