Sit-in vs Sit on Apollo Folding Point 65

I’m a long-time recreational canoeist and kayaker. As a 70 year old woman I want to purchase one of these nifty Apollo Point 65 N folding kayaks for the portability and lightweight factors. Any opinions about the advantages of Sit-ins vs Sit- ons would be appreciated. I do not fish and live in Bucks Co PA with easy access to the Delaware River.

Also welcome are best recommendations for paddles and pfd’s. LL Bean suggests Aquabound carbon steel paddle and Women’s Discovery PFD.

I’m 70. I googled to learn about this
craft, and at 40 pounds, it isn’t what I would call lightweight. I picked up this quote:

“…characterized by Nigel as a quick responsive touring boat that is easy enough to spin without edging, yet even quicker on edge - and thrives in rough conditions.”

Compared to the really light boats I have, this boat will be slow, and slow to turn. It will be stable in moderately rough conditions because of its design. But how rough does it get on the Delaware?

Kayaks with bottoms designed like this one have unnecessarily high wetted area, which means that a paddler like yourself, who probably does not paddle hard, will be expending more energy than necessary just to pootle along the Delaware.

If you want to see a fairly light, fast-for-its-length, recreational kayak, look at the Epic 12 footer which is one of the prizes in the current drawing.

I don’t understand why designers of sectional kayaks think that their boats are so much easier to store. I have a dozen or more canoes, kayaks, and decked c-1s, and length has never been a storage issue in 40 years.

Note that a sectional kayak will always be heavier than a non-sectional kayak, because the bulkheads that mate to one another add weight. And I wonder if they really meet their weight claim.

I would keep looking
The modular kayak looks interesting but probably is not that easy to transport the big blocks, it is large bulky and won’t give you much glide for going up stream.

I would look at smaller lighter weight sit on tops if you want something to use on the Delaware. Look on the webpage for lighter models. The ocean kayak venus might be OK for you. I actually use a Cobra Strike for coastal paddles and it would work fine on the Delaware.

I used to live in Yardley, I would not take the modular boat near the wingdam /scudder falls area.