Sit inside kayak choice.

I have a vapor xt and it is pretty good. Very stable and I love the large cockpit area. I think I could do better in the speed category though. Would someone please recommend a 10-12 ft sit in yak. Stable to fish from but still has some speed. I have been looking at a pungo from wilderness systems.

Thanks a lot


look at the Hurricane kayaks

The have several at you might like. The boats are lite, about the same price as RM boats and good quality

How big are you?
The Pungo will be quite a bit faster than the Vapor. But, the part where the vapor excels is ability to handle heavier paddlers. The Pungo can be a little bit tender (as far as rec. boats go).

sit inside kayak
I should have included this info. I am about 6’1" and weigh 240.

Thank you for the quick replies.


Only in a Pungo
Can’t resist this Pungo movie - maybe it was posted here earlier.

10-12 ft boats are slow
no matter who makes them.

kayak basics…
HI…rather than I recommending a specific boat…i would suggest getting a narrower width boat than a Vapor. General rule of thumb is: wider boats a more stable but slower because they have to push more water out of the way to move. Narrower, slender boats cut the water better therefore are “faster” and but tippier and less initial stability. Most rec boats are 30" wide for stability, there are a few boats around 28" wide, then widths seem to drop to 24" wide and under. there doesn’t seem to be anything in the 28-24 " width range that i know of. That leaves you with having to go to lighter composite boat materials, like the Hurricane boats, to get ease of paddling , therefore “faster” boats. Poly boats are usually heavy for their size but take a beating…composite boats are lighter, faster, more $$$$ but don’t take abuse as well as the poly boats.

how about the Tsunami 125
26" wide by 12’6" long and rated for 300#, decent speed and very versatile.

I’m a little bigger than you.
For you, I’d go with a minimum of a 14’ boat - no matter what you go with.

The Pungo 140 is a nice boat and should hold you well.

The Tsunami-line (145, for instance) is a nice boat. I’ve paddled it a lot. It’ll be quicker but slightly more tender than rec. boats (i.e. vapor, pungo, etc.).

Good suggestions above. Also consider Current Designs - both of the boats below have deep cockpits which help when fishing. I agree that you should probably choose a 14’ boat:

Kestrel 140: 14’0" by 26" wide by 14" deep. Also comes in plastic, and plastic with a really big open cockpit.

Breeze: 13’6" by 25" wide by 14" deep. This is the plastic version of the Pachena (no longer offered) which I have and love. Used ones come up once in a while, used Breezes, as well.

Yeah at 240lbs
you’ll plow water in most boats under about 13 feet.

Pungo 14 is a great boat for what you seems to want. Even a 14 foot SOT would be considerable faster than the vapor. I’d look at the Manta Ray 14 and the Prowlers in the SOT line.

A Tsunami is also a good boat for speed, but not as nice for fishing.



I have two Pungo 120’s and really love them, also have a Manta Ray SOT and it’s like paddling a barge. I am considering a Pungo 140. I am 6’2", 275lbs an have a 6’3" 220lb 14 y/o and we neither of us have any trouble with the pungo and recently went on a kayak in/camp/kayak out trip with the boats loaded with gear and still had no trouble.

Without listing a particular model
I echo the posters above who suggest something in the 14’ range. I will go further and suggest a boat with a rudder. The rudder will help keep the boat turned in your desired direction when there is wind or currents to deal with.

Current Designs…
…also make some nice boats in the 14’ size that are nice “multi-purpose” boats.