Sit Inside: rod holders inside cockpit

I’m wondering for sit inside kayaks rigged for fishing, what’s the advantage or disadvantage of having the rodholders or a milk crate behind the seat if there is room in the cockpit?

Example: Check out Liquid Logics Stingray. They have some rod holders behind the seat but they are still inside the cockpit.

Is this a good in concept? Why? Why not?

Don’t look deep enough to hold my
rods. Of course, mine are mostly medium heavy bait casting rods armed with things like Abu 6500 c3 or a Penn 209. I, for one, do not like my rods behind me, very inconvenient. Might be good for traveling, but not for fishing. My preference is for Scotty and Ram type rod holders, they’re adjustable and have a multitude of rod mounts. I can put the holders where I need them, not where some kayak maker thinks they look cool.

what about…
what about for storage of misc items?

So let’s say you could only paddle a Sit Inside for whatever reason.

Is there any advantage to having an open area behind the seat that is not under the deck?

Biggest reason to have it, as I see it, is you might have loose items that you’d want access to while you’re on the water that you’d like to be able just to toss in a crate and not strap down.

But then again, not having something secured in any paddled boat is an invitation to lose them.

For me, rear storage is almost useless

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when paddling and fishing. Its not easy to access. A nice flat deck with bungees is nice, though, for carrying stuff on an extended trip. What would be better, assuming there's enough room under the deck for legs, is a recessed tray just in front of the cockpit to put a tackle box or small cooler on.

Back to the rod holder, it would be good if one, even two, were offered as an option placed where the buyer wants them. Say, two Scotties, or a Tite Lok for fly fishermen...hate 'em for regular rods, at a discount.

Stingray rod holders
I have a Liquid Logic Stingray, and I do fish from it. The rod holders behind the seat, in my opinion, are fine for holding a rod while you’re paddling.

But they are not easy to get to, so would not be very good for holding a second rod if you wanted to be able to quickly switch between rods. The behind-the-seat storage is great for water bottles, lunch bags, etc. that can be easily retrieved without looking.

Real innovation would be a “tankwell”.
The well would not necessarily have to be deep, but enough so that a small ice chest or the ubiquitous SOT milk crate would sit on top without sliding off. Most rec kayak owners don’t take extended trips with them anyway, except for a few of us crazy fishermen type, so the under deck storage is sort of wasted. The tankwell concept would be a gravy one.

Concerns about raising the center of gravity?

Not really. At least not with a wide
sit inside rec kayak. With my Loon 138, 29.5" wide,

I’ve a soda water tray of about 3" in height. Its attached with bungees to padeyes. In it goes my bait bucket, cast net, and landing net. Its had no affect on my center of gravity. On the bow, partly across the cockpit…long cockpit on the Loon…I’ve another tray that attaches with a clamping system I developed under the coaming. In it usually goes an Igloo Playmate ice chest. Its fairly tall. No affect of it either. Maybe because I weigh 230 it helps keep me centered.

Would suggest, after yesterday’s
encounter with whitecapping water, that if recessed trays are built in, that maybe drain tubes be installed too. Though the amount of water would not be enough to affect handling.

Have any photos you can post or e mail to me?


Don’t think so. For some reason, I’ve
never taken pictures of my Loon rigged out. If I do, I’ll post a link. Been using my solo canoe lately, it isn’t rigged yet.

keep us in mind. Love to see some photos in the future