Sit Inside Solo Outrigger Canoe

Are paddled without a rudder and are great in shallow water conditions. Deep water remounts are easy to do too. You can paddle and steer them with most single blade canoe paddles, however, the popular preference is the double bend.

Check it out:

I love them
I demoed one about five years ago after the Wrightsville Beach Race.

They fly!

Two problems for me: I have too many boats now

and there are very few races that have a class for them.

That day it was the only OC-1 in the race

Jack L

Paddled one…
when I was ii Hawaii several years ago. Really enjoyed it and as you said, very easy to remount. Like to get one someday, just hard to find here in NJ.

A lot of paddle dragging/ruddering
going on.

If only I had a paddling venue worthy of such a craft.

I haven’t used a double bend paddle that I liked. Only tried the BB Viper.

These Are Called V-1’s Instead of OC-1’s
The OC-1’s have a different hull shape, while the hull shape for the V-1’s is designed to track straight ahead.

Remember The Canoe Is Riding A Wave

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And the paddler is exploiting the glide for as long as possible before taking another stroke. And as you already know, a paddle is useless out of the water. Drag is what propels and steers our canoes.

With the exception of Gillespie and Kialoa, most domestic double bends have the grip oriented forward (backface), instead of backward (powerface).

Check The Internet
A Rep might be on the East coast? There was a pro-boat racer (McNett) that sold OC-1’s in Maine, but is now an Epic Dealer. The U.S. made V-1’s are by Tiger Canoe and Kamanu Composites.