Sit on Kayak advice

I’m looking to buy my first sit on top kayak, and have narrowed it down to three so far. The feelfree nomad, perception scooter and the tootega pulse 95. Has anyone got any of these or can recommend etc? I am looking for something for coastal / river trips and possibly a bit of surf


What is your size ? If you are tall, how long are your legs?
I have paddled SOT for years and never heard of any of your choices.
When you say Coastal, are you thinking creeks, bays, or open water?
What distances do you anticipate?
What is your budget?
The only SOT I know that will handle rough conditions is the WS Tarpon and IMHO, a12 or 14’ depending on your weight.

I presume you are in the UK? Have you tried out models like this before? Those all look like pretty much the same “sit on surfboard” design so I doubt there is much difference between them. If your situation on that side of the pond is like what we are experiencing here in boat shortages, I imagine it might come down to which model is actually available for you to buy.

If you are mostly interested in surfing I can see wanting a kayak like that but boats that short and wide (9’ x 30") are not going to be terrific for moving along on the coast or making any distance on rivers. And I hope you are prepared for cold water and being wet all the time. But then we Yanks are wimpier about cold water than you tough Brits. Looks like there are outfitters that used to rent those models, though maybe you are still in lock down on recreational outlets at this point.

Have you posted a query on the Song of the Paddle boat forums? Way more chance of finding people who know these models than the majority of North Americans on this one.

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