Sit on top kayak cart

I just got my first kayak from Farm and Fleet. It’s a sit on top and has great reviews. I ordered a trolley from Amazon that has 2 posts that are supposed to fit into the scudder holes but the posts are too thick. Can anyone recommend another option for me? Thanks.

I’d suggest returning that one to Amazon and getting a cart you can strap the kayak to with a cam strap. Try not to put anything through the scupper holes because that can crack the plastic and cause leaks.


Ok thanks although it was not the answer I was hoping for!:woman_shrugging:

This is what I was suggesting. I have one, it works, but I don’t usually use it because my kayak is easy enough to carry.

I have one from Cabela’s that I use with the Tarpon. The posts fit.
Maybe the scuppers are small?

Thanks all. My cousin came over with a small Rotary grinder and he reamed it out for me. It was mostly extra plastic from the mold so I’m good to go!

This is my first kayak and I’m thinking if I can get out there as much as I want to I’ll get another. I read in one of the groups someone has a 26 lb folding one. That sounds very interesting and I can carry 26 lbs.

Thanks again for all your responses!