Sit on top kayak for a women

Trying to find a sit on top kayak for my wife. She is only about 5’2"…SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED

Where will you be paddling?
Ocean Kayak makes a smaller boat for women called the Venus. If just doing short coastal paddles near shore look at a Cobra strike and adjust the foot plates.

Post on - you’ll get more informed answers on current models.

Hurricane Skimmer 116
I’m 5’3 and can manage it easily.

I’m 5’3 and have the Skimmer 128
Both Hurricane Skimmers are really nice boats. Mine weighs 47 lbs and I manage it just fine with a cart.

Epic V6, if you have the money.
My wife is 5’2" and really likes it.

I have an Ocean Kayak Scrambler

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and an OK Prowler 13 'Angler'.
My Scrambler is 28" wide, 11'2" and 45#. OK also makes the Scrambler 11 which is 11'6.5", 29.5 wide which weighs 49#.
The Prowler 13 is 13'4", 28" wide, and weighs in at 54#.
I like both boats as they're easy to get on and off and like your wife I am 5'2". I generally don't use either of these on long river trips of 3+ hours but for here at home they're great when skimming around on our 'slow flow' river and in the bayous or when doing nature photo shoots.
I will say this, due to 20 years of paddling, that the longer the boat, the better they track.
Whatever you two decide, may she enjoy kayaking as much as others on this site do. If possible, try before you buy.
Best wishes in your search.

look at RTM’ Disco.

Go with a Perception Tribe 9.5. Great for the surf, rivers & lakes! It is relatively light weight.

Jackson Rivera
Can go just about everywhere, local outfitter uses them on Lake Michigan, easy to handle, and way more comfortable then most others. Tkamd

Ocean Kayak Venus

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is designed specifically with smaller women in mind... I would go with the 11 model, it's quicker, has 2 storage compartments and weighs only 44 lbs

The Riviera is a great choice too, I have 2 of them, their lower profile makes them easy to paddle for those with shorter arms.