sit on top or inflatable white water boa

I’ve just spent two days having fun on my sevylor inflatable raft on class II and class III rapids. For white water at least, I like the idea of sitting on top rather than sitting in. Which leaves the question of plastic or inflatable? I got some rumors today that Perception might re-introduce their sot boat or I could buy a used one. Has anybody used a plastic SOT or and inflatable and have an opinion of which is better?

In the mean time, I’ll probably continue to uprgade my sevylor and trash it till its trashed.



There are several good inflatable kayaks
which are the equal or better than any currently available WW SOT. Also, inflatables are lighter and more transportable.

I can forsee the time when gas is so expensive that I am no longer willing to carry boats on top of the car. At that time, I will be using inflatables.

I’ll give a small update to my search… Inflatables are real expensive. Way more expensive than a sot, assuming I could find an exceptable sot.


Check Out The Aire Tomcat
I used a Sevylor SVX100 for whitewater, but I would buy the Aire Tomcat if I were buying now.

Both are in the same price range as a new WW SOT.

Check out

I always found
that sitting in the whitewater was much cooler than sitting on the water. When sitting in the water you can feel its effect on the boat. And watching your bow go through a wave, and then the wave passing by at almost eye level is part of the thrill.

I have a SVX100, SVX200, and
AIRE Tomcat II. The SVX100 was used for < $300, the AIRE was on sale for $400 and the SVX200 was $450. Your milage may vary but I like the flexibility of the IK better than the SOT. The AIRE is much the better boat but the tandem SVX has provided excellent service. Oddly enough, most people I loan these to pick the Sevylor because of it’s looks over the Tomcat.