Sit on top questions

OKay so I am looking at a sit on top kayak… and I see the 4 holes that you can put in scupper stoppers in??? Why are there holes in the bottom of the boat and what are the stoppers for??? Just curious!

The holes are to let the water drain…
…out, these holes are called sculpers.

The stoppers are to keep the water from coming

in when you are paddling in cold water.

Like the space between the deck and the rail on a ship that also lets water wash out.

The scupper plugs really don’t keep most SOT dry inside. Most have water in the footwells and in the seat. Some people have a problem with the wetseat thing, but I just got used to it years ago.

I can’t type either.

Thanks for the quick response… I appreciate it tons… and I hate it when I see the typo’s after…- JC