Sit-on-top recommendations for big guy

-- Last Updated: Apr-30-16 4:33 PM EST --

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and happy to have found the resource. Hoping to leverage your knowledge to purchase a sit-on-top kayak that works for my family.

I'm large (6'5", 220 pounds) and I'm hoping to find something that will allow me to carry myself and my 4 year old, about 260 pounds. I'm interested in any recommendations you may have.

We're mainly hoping to have it in calmer waters (e.g., tributaries of Lake Ontario) and on the lakes and bays of Manitoulin Island.

I should add that the one I've focused on so far is the FeelFree Juntos for its weight capacity, and I was hoping to be able to fit my son on my lap...

Thanks for your help!

No Trouble Carrying 3 - 5 Year Olds

– Last Updated: May-01-16 4:06 AM EST –

Back to back (never on my lap) aboard my Scupper Classic surfing small waves out at the breakers. Flat and small choppy waters, I took off the hatch covers (front and back) and sat them inside (with L'l Mustang PFDs) and no surfing. My paddle was 220 or 214 cm old style flat blades Olympic (Euro) racing paddle. Go for it and the kids will be paddling solo in no time.

ps: If the Scupper Classic or Pro is too small for you and child, then look around for a Zuma Two by Ocean Kayak. This way, sit the child up front in their own seat and their own paddle. If they fall out into the water, you can easily yank them out.