Sit-on-top Storage

Just got a Wildness Tarpon 120. I’m limited in space and looking to store. I’d like something that solves long term storage but is also easy to access for short term storage as well. Looking to go inexpensive, no where to mount hooks, storing on a back porch. I saw this:

My question is, are these stands good for long-term? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Do you mean will they last or will they
hurt the boat? Either way, they s/b fine. I have stored Tarpons for years turned upside down, outside on a wood rack.I just make sure they are protected from the sun.

Will they last
Basically just worried about the hull being damaged on those stands. I have it with a uv tarp covering it now, it’s mounted upside down with two homemadepvc pipe stands. I think I’m getting these stands though, way more stable. Thanks for the help.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with a small patio about 25X10. I made a small system of wood 2X2 H shaped supports, which fit over the kayak when it is on its side. I lined the top of the H with plants the entire length of the kayak wherre I put my plants. Easy enough to take the plants and planks off, revoe the center 3 H’s and off we go. This hides the kayak from anyone not in the patio. I wrap the kayak in a tarp before putting it to bed. It takes me all of 2 minutes to remove the kayak or put it back.

It takes a lot of abuse to damage a
Tarpon. I use mine when there is a probability of hitting rocks ,oyster shells,or pulling over logs.

Salvation Army End Tables, Foam Saddles
Most of my plastic SitOnTops do not get the best of car…

I have one kevlar boat that is 18’ that I do take care of. I bought a couple end tables from Salvation Army and then use foam saddles to sit the boat on.