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Hi all, I’ve done some searches and haven’t found all of my answers. I have a Perception Acadia 2 which I love. It’s great for myself and dog and little girl when she’s old enough. I’m now looking for something for my Wife and to take to the beach. I think a SOT would be nice in the 12ft range. I’d like to play in the waves and Take the Dog or Daughter ((when old enough). But we live on a lake and I want it to be stable and track well. ANy and all suggestions.

thanks in advance.

Here are a few SOTs

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for you to look at:

Epic GP Sport

Hurrican Aquasport Phoenix 120

Heritage Redfish 12

Ocean Kayak Venus 11

Malibu Explorer

Cobra Escape or Xplorer

Hobie Maui

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

There are more, but your best bet may be to find a retailer in your area and take your wife over to try some and decide for herself.

Sounds Like You Need Capacity
Maybe an Ocean Kayak Drifter, or Caper, is about that size and can carry a lot of weight

You forgot one
OK Scrambler is a good boat.

Thanks for all the input… I went with the Perception Koho. We love it so far, It’s fast and tracks well for a SOT. Thanks again for all the input…