Sit on Top

I am looking at purchasing a sit on top.

I would like to have one hat would allow my legs to bend as much as possible. I’m looking at the Coosa HD by Jackson. …I’m wondering which sit on top sets the highest to allow the most bending of knees?

Intended use?
A sit on top with a high seat is counter productive and creates an unstable boat. If you want to use this in rivers or ocean for fishing, you want to sit lower.

If you need to have something where you sit high, a canoe would be a better option.

Do you have a physical issue that you need to sit with bent knees, maybe someone here can help you out.

SOT info
All SOT’s should allow you to bend your legs as much as you like but If you want an one that will be much more stable check our the Necky Vectors. This boat lets you sit down in but it’s full open. They have a Vector 13 & 14 which 59 & 62 lbs. respectively. The seats are quite comfy and the foot pegs adjust.

As with any boat and if possible, try before you buy and enjoy yourself.