Sit-on-tops for whitewater.

Looking for a single person SOT for use in easy whitewater (Class II). Wondering what others are using. I like the Perception Torrent but it is discontinued.

I just picked up a brand new torrent lastweek for $450 from my local dealer as a leftover. I seen people selling used Torrents for $500. If you want a Torrent try going to Perceptions site and do a dealer search within a 100 miles from your house. Ya never know, you might get lucky and be able to get a new one. I asked this very same question lastweek and people gave some good advice. Here’s the link

Thanks for the response…I saw you are located in PA…Did your dealer have any more Torrents left at that price? I’m in Maryland and would head up that way if I could find a Torrent.

Re: Torrent
Sorry, I got the last one. I’m sure someone has one within a hundred miles of you. Try giving this dealer a call. They have alot of boats and just may have a leftover.

Found you a used one!
Check your email. I found you a used one.