Sit & Switch Cadence?

I’m looking for a target cadence. Strokes per minute.

Do folks know how many they are doing?

Are there any good tricks or tools for setting a good cadence?

On a different note can anybody recomend a method for loading a J Boat onto the truck in windy conditions. I spent a few tense but strangly amusing minutes last night trying keep the J200 from levitating off of my racks.



In a tandem we shoot for 60, but
I sometimes think a higher stroke rate might take away from power, (there is a fine line there).

Last Saturday we were in a race with Red Cross Randy and Bald Paddler and were matching stokes with them for six miles, and I am guessing that it was around sixty, (they beat us out in the final sprint).

On the wind: Many moons ago, I had a gust blow a 80 pound OT disco off my truck roof, and it bounced like a ball.

When I put my J boat, the comp cruiser or my Jensen up there. If it is windy I’ll have the tailgate down and jump up on it and get a stapdown across the rear as quick as I can.



Used to be about 60
Back when I used to race not sure what the current thinking is. If you have not already, pick up a copy of Peter Heeds book “Canoe Racing” even if you do not intend to race you can get some paddling pointers for that type of boat.

On the other note I have an extended cab PU with racks that extend over the cab giving me 3 cross bars. I slide the J Boat up from the back and then grab the rope that goes over the middle cross bar first. I have it longer then needed so I can hold on to it with one hand and the boat with the other. I am tall enough so I can walk it around and tie it off, that holds it while I tie off the front and back bars.

But hey once you get it tied off up on top the fun just begins when you have those 40-50 mile an hour gusts like we had the other day. That J Boat can make my 1/2 ton PU rock and roll. Every time I drive over one of the bridges that have a sign that says “Caution High Winds” I say the same prayer that I use when trying to do a buoy turn, either that or "Sh&^.

Around 60

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But one year at the General Clinton regatta we were passed (quite rapidly I must add) By John Derr and Brian McDonald who had a much slower cadence, at about 56 or so. We threw on a sprint and couldn't keep up. Our mantra this season is legnth it out and rotate.
Also at a race last weekend I saw Neil (the Tennessee Diesel) who is famous for his long slow stroke come in first against Paddler98 who is quite an accomplished paddler in his own right..

60 per minute or more. it differs, though. it’s kind of like lance armstrong’s approach versus jan ulrich’s.